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How to get to Hong Kong Island

With a extensive road and rail network every part of the island can be reached by the very economical red Taxis, the modern underground MTR railway system or the efficient air-conditioned double-decker yellow busses. Don't forget the Victoria Peak Tram and you'll find every type of transport you need here. And with many of the most important parts of Hong Kong grouped together on the north cost of the Island much is in easy walking distance via the network of elevated walkways and escalators.

From Kowloon


From Hong Kong Airport

When Hong Kong moved it's airport from Kai Tak near in the city centre, to an artificial island at Chap Lap Kok off Lantau coast some people where concerned it would be hard to reach. But the infrastructure developed has in fact made it even easier to reach Hong Kong Island from the Airport than it ever was.

With both a highway and an express railway line running all the way from the Airport to the city it is now a smooth and easy ride into town. The AirportExpress railway line is actually the best as it runs all the way into the Central business district on Hong Kong Island stopping at the "Hong Kong Station".

In the airport building when you arrive either at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 you will find that the platform for the AirportExpress train is actually inside the arrival hall. Walk past the greeters and you can walk straight onto the platform and onto the train. There are ticket machines at this point, but tickets are not necessary to board the train so you can leave buying a ticket for later if a train is about to leave. Though as trains are every 10 minutes it is no big concern if you wait for the next one.

The express trains have luggage space besides the doors and comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. Wide windows let you watch the countryside go past as it speeds along the north coast of Lantau before entering the city and going underground to cross the harbour to Hong Kong.  There are only 3 stops on the line and the stop on Hong Kong Island is the terminus so there is no difficulty with changing trains.

At Hong Kong Station buy a ticket at the counter if you do not already have one and at this point you can choose either a regular ticket, a return, or a travel pass. The latter is the best deal if you are spending more than a few hours here as it includes the return AirportExpress ticket, which entitles you to in-town checking when you leave, as well as 3 days of unlimited MTR travel.

If you'd prefer not to use rail then there are still options available. Express "CityFlyer" busses take the highway on basically the same route, but with more stops. The routes A10, A11 and A12 go from the Airport to different parts of the Hong Kong Island. A10 goes to the South Side, A11 through the Central, Wanchai, Causeway Bay as far as North Point and caters to the majority of visitors to the Island. While A12 goes further as far as Chai Wan and Siu Sai Wan.

Finally the Hong Kong Red Taxi is a great option if there are several travelling in a group, not only does it provide comfortable door-to-door travel but is very economical on a per-person basis.  When taking a taxi make sure you are in the queue for a Hong Kong Island taxi,


To Lantau from Hong Kong Island


To Macau from Hong Kong Island



Food and dining

From the with everything from street foods in to Michelin Star dining just in the Central business district alone, and with fresh seafood in Aberdeen beside the harbour while Japanese snacks and foods are to be found in Causeway Bay, and of course Dim Sum everywhere, there is no one "Hong Kong island food" as such, but there are certainly highlights and things not to be missed.

Here then are some of those choices, from the well known to the obscure, from 5 star hotels to off the beaten track delights, try some of these then strike out on your own and try something you haven't tried before!

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