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other Part of Hong Kong Beyond the Island

Despite giving it's name to the Special Economic Region of Hong Kong there is of course more to the S.A.R. than Hong Kong Island.

Geographically there are over 200 islands in Hong Kong of which Hong Kong Island is only one, the third largest and by far the most developed. The other islands are referred to as Outlying Islands and the larger two islands of Lantau Island and Lamma Island are both inhabited and have interesting but more rural sights on them.

Lantau in particular is well known as the location not just of the Hong Kong International Airport but also the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car system and the Tian Tan Giant Buddha statue (pictured) which is on every visitors itinerary.

Smaller islands include Cheung Chau and Peng Chau which are fishing villages which have been developed to varying degrees into interesting destinations in their own right.

Facing Hong Kong Island across Victoria Harbour is the Kowloon Peninsular, and north of that the New Territories, the largest part of the S.A.R. of Hong Kong, which includes New Towns, historic villages, country parks and agricultural land.  Well worth a visit are the Hong Kong Museum of Heritage at Shatin and the Wetland Park at Mai Po both of which give their own unique perspective on the multifaceted region that is Hong Kong.

Other Hong Kong Attractions

TST Clock Tower - Once the clock tower of the Kowloon Railway Station and a popular meeting place this tower is the only part of the station that was preserved while the remainder was demolished. Now set in an open area next to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre it is a reminder of times gone by and how the Canton Kowloon railway allowed Hong Kong to connect to the rest of the world in the days before airtravel.  Just a few steps away from the Star Ferry Pier this is a must see though there is no access inside the small tower itself.

Lantau Giant Buddha Statue - The largest freestanding outdoor seated Buddha statue in the world this landmark next to Po Lin Monastery on Lantau is a popular destination for tourists, not just Buddhists. Reach the statue in comfort using the Ngong Ping 360 by cable car system which in 20 minutes takes you from Tung Chung near the Airport to the top of Lantau Peak.  May also be reached by bus from Silvermine Bay/Mui Wo which can be reached via ferries that run from Central Pier 6 on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Disneyland - All that you would expect from a Disney creation, here in Hong Kong. This world famed theme park is accessible via the MTR system making it an easy destination to reach. Catch trains in Hong Kong Station on the Island which take you all the way via a transfer in Sunny Bay to the Magic Kingdom itself.

Kowloon Walled City Park - Once a den of thieves and inequity the Kowloon Walled City was demolished in 1994 but is well remembered in story and in cinema and even in video games. The area was converted into a grand park designed with traditional Chinese values it is now a  Jiangnan garden style of the early Qing Dynasty delight.  The park is open from early morning to late at night every day and is a quiet place to contemplate the city.  Reproductions of some of the buildings that stood here during the days when it was an Imperial Chinese Garrison are the historic highlight of the park.

Cheung Chau - The oldest of the inhabited outlying islands of Hong Kong this fishing village has become a popular weekend destination for locals who stay over at one of the many holiday flats. Fresh seafood cooked along the waterfront in one of the many restaurants is a big draw, as are the specialty seafood products both fresh and preserved. A walk on some of the quiet hills is another appealing attraction with a signposted Family Trail leading to many interesting views of the sea.

Hong Kong Museum of Art - featuring both a standing exhibition of Hong Kong and Chinese artwork as well as many major travelling exhibits this museum is located near the Star Ferry in Kowloon.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum - Accessible via the MTR to Shatin station this museum looks back at the rich cultural heritage of Hong Kong.

Other Hong Kong Attractions

Day Trip to Macau - Visit the ex-Portuguese colony and special admistrative region of Macau.  Just an hour from the Macau ferry terminal this gives a very different flavour to Hong Kong.  Read the whole guide to the day trips to Macau.


Food and dining

From the with everything from street foods in to Michelin Star dining just in the Central business district alone, and with fresh seafood in Aberdeen beside the harbour while Japanese snacks and foods are to be found in Causeway Bay, and of course Dim Sum everywhere, there is no one "Hong Kong island food" as such, but there are certainly highlights and things not to be missed.

Here then are some of those choices, from the well known to the obscure, from 5 star hotels to off the beaten track delights, try some of these then strike out on your own and try something you haven't tried before!

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